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Q Acoustics M3 soundbar: Simply great sound for your TV (and your budget)

The new M3 soundbar from Q Acoustics is simplicity redefined, delivering nothing but superb sound from a package that is stylish, slim, compact and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Designed in the UK for consumers frustrated by the thin audio performance of flatscreen televisions’ built-in speakers, the M3’s streamlined cabinet has been engineered for muscular, engaging performance whether you’re watching TV, streaming music from your smartphone or tablet or playing a videogame.

The M3 features detailed and wide dispersion Balanced Mode Radiator drivers, a relatively new innovation in speaker technology. BMRs produce crystal clarity for dialogue and higher range effects but, rather than focus it in a tight area like traditional drivers, instead disperse it in a wide arc. This means that, no matter where you are sitting in your room, you’ll experience the full intelligibility and detail of those effects; there’s no need to situate yourself in a limited centre for great sound.

The M3’s integrated Dual Voice Coil subwoofer supplies your audio performance’s heart and soul – low-end rumble that adds depth and weight to films, TV, music and videogames without the need for a separate subwoofer speaker unit.

Cutting down on cabling is one of the M3’s other triumphs. It connects to a home entertainment system in one of two main ways: HDMI ARC (a simple one-cable solution that hooks up directly to your TV for the highest quality of audio signal transmission) or Bluetooth aptX (for hassle-free wireless connection).

Finally, Q Acoustics knows that placing a speaker, even one as slim and compact as the M3, isn’t always easy. The M3 is able to produce brilliant results no matter where you put it: on top of your TV cabinet, inside your TV cabinet or mounted on the wall. Simply place the M3 in your desired space then set the corresponding EQ preset switch and the M3 will adjust its performance accordingly.

The Q Acoustics M3 soundbar is available now, priced at £299 (inc. VAT), $349. (US)

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