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Q Acoustics’ lifestyle home cinema speaker series delivers powerful sound in style

Whatever the home setup, Q Acoustics’ lifestyle home cinema speaker series caters for every type of living space. Combining elegance and style with a powerful and detailed audio performance, the M7 2.1 and 7000i 5.1 Slim speaker systems now arrive with a new look slimline subwoofer. Easier to integrate into any interior and measuring only 150mm deep, the 7060S subwoofer may be sleek but it still delivers room-shaking bass.

Under the hood of the newly designed 7060S subwoofer is a 200mm low frequency driver powered by a 150W Class D amplifier. The speaker is adeptly tuned to handle and faithfully reproduce both the low-end nuances of music recordings and the earth-moving rumble of a blockbuster movie. Its speaker design means it is less sensitive to positioning in a room while a choice of rubber feet and metal spikes are supplied to adapt to all types of flooring from soft carpet to hardwood.

Ultra compact and sporting a curved housing the 7000LRi and 7000Ci satellite speakers compliment any home interior. These speakers are versatile in their placement: position them on any flat surface or attached them to the wall; the table mount stand doubles as a bracket for fixing to a room wall while optional floor stands are also available.

The satellite speakers’ curved D-housing is also designed to minimise internal vibrations that can colour the sound, allowing a precise and dynamic audio performance. To establish the optimal sound for the living space a built-in ball joint allows users to angle the speaker in a variety of directions.

Pictured: Q Acoustics M7 2.1 with new 7060S subwoofer

Q Acoustics M7 2.1 (£799)

This 2.1 audio system is ideal for movie and music fans who want the ease of use and sonic step up from a soundbar but don’t have the space in the home to accommodate a full 5.1 speaker system. Consisting of a stereo pair of 7000LRi satellites, the 7060S subwoofer and a stereo amplifier, the M7 is a true plug ’n’ play product and excels as both a home cinema setup and main music system.

At centre of this system is the compact Q AVA stereo amplifier that delivers 50 watts of power per channel while a dedicated MoviEQ™ mode boosts the bass for even more cinematic sound impact. On board Bluetooth®  allows users to wirelessly stream music from a smartphone, tablets or laptop.

Pictured: Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 Slim with new 7060S subwoofer

Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 Slim (£999 / €1,299)

Designed for movie-fans who demand a more immersive movie-watching experience, the 7000i 5.1 is made up of four 7000LRi satellites for front and rear sound, a front centre channel 7000Ci speaker and the 7060S subwoofer. Whether viewing a dialogue-heavy film or a thrill-a-minute action movie, this 5.1 surround sound setup will place movie fans in the centre of the action. Just connect the speakers and the subwoofer to a compatible AV receiver. To convert to a 7.1 system or Dolby Atmos set-up just add further pairs of 7000LRi satellites speakers or even use these as extension speakers in an adjacent room.

The M7 2.1 and 7000i 5.1 Slim home cinema speaker systems are available now in black or white finishes.

Technical specifications

Model: 7060S subwoofer

Enclosure Type: Infinite Baffle

Enclosure Material: MDF

Driver: LF Unit 8” (200mm) High-Excursion Driver

Output Power: 150W Class-D

Frequency: 35Hz – 200Hz

Overall Dimensions: (H x W x D) 324 x 480 x 150(mm)

Weight: 11.0 Kg

Power: 100V-240V 50/60Hz

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